Covert IWB

Covert IWB

The Covert IWB holster is a simple and effective way to carry inside the waistband (IWB). With an overall minimalistic design, this holster delivers necessary concealment without compromising comfort.


This holster offers ambidextrous carry and a full range of cant adjustment which ensures the user can find their preferred carry position. Constructed with .080 KYDEX®, the holster delivers the perfect blend of rugged durability and thin, low profile design required for EDC IWB use. The proprietary clip is made of a high strength polymer that can be used on a variety of clothing styles, so no occasion or attire impedes one’s ability to carry.  Concealment is enhanced by the subtle Trigger Bump which helps angle the grip of the pistol back towards the body in all carry positions. All COVERT series holsters feature optic compatibility and user adjustable retention.
Manufactured through our industry leading manufacturing process, this holster delivers exceeding value to the consumer. Please click the dropdown above for a current list of supported pistols.

Covert IWB
Covert IWB
Covert IWB
Covert IWB
Covert IWB
Covert IWB
Covert IWB
Covert IWB
Covert IWB
Covert IWB
Covert IWB


This holster can be utilized by both RH or LH shooters.


This subtle bump pushes against the belt to help angle the grip of the pistol towards the body.


This holster offers a full range of forward and rear tilt adjustment.


Holster tension can be easily adjusted with the tension screw.


Holsters are cut from the factory for compatibility with RDS (Red Dot Sights).


42 reviews for Covert IWB

  1. David

    This is the best horse traveling for concealment you see nothing while wearing it

  2. David

    This is the best holster I have ever owned for concealment you see nothing while wearing it

  3. Steve McDaniel

    The most comfortable iIWB holster I have ever owed.

  4. Jim Sarratt

    High quality holster. Love the versatility to carry in multiple positions.

  5. Jeremy Smith

    I have lots of different holsters and I always go back to the crucial concealment. Very comfortable and fits the firearm perfectly.

  6. ND

    Wow! Truly an incredible holster across the board with my Ruger LCP2.

  7. Josh D

    I’m surprised by how much I love this holster. I bought one for my M&P Shield and it’s the most comfortable and easily concealable holster I own. The quality is excellent! Rock-solid adjustable retention, amazing clip strength with adjustable cant, and a confidence-inspiring trigger guard, this is my go-to carry rig. It’s got everything we want in a proper holster. Admittedly, it’s not the “prettiest” holster I own but it’s like underwear, no one usually sees it but you want it to work well, and this one DOES. I carry exclusively in appendix position and this is the closest I can get to forgetting I’m wearing a handgun. Ridiculously comfortable. I can even bend over and pick a dime up off of the ground comfortably! If you’re wanting a holster only for super-sweet Instagram posts, move along, but if you’re a serious concealed carrier that cares more about function than form, this is the holster for you. I’m buying one for my Ruger. This Crucial Concealment Covert holster is the thing, man.

  8. Josh

    I was shocked at the quality for the price and then I looked at who the makers are – dudes from BlackPoint Tactical. The Covert IWB for my SIG P365XL is the best return for the money that I have spent in a long time. The retention is awesome and the product shipped immediately. I think it was in my hands two days after ordering it online.

  9. Mike Lublin (verified owner)

    Great Product! Very comfortable and perfect fit. Need to get more models in their IWB line. Glock 17, FN 509, Glock 26 etc. etc.

  10. Benjamin Rutland

    I very much like you’re inside the waistband holster for the hellcat pistol. Do you have a mag pouch available? The one on your website does not specify that it is for the hellcat mag.

    • Tyler Johnson

      Benjamin, Glad to see you are enjoying the holster! We do have a specific Hellcat magazine holster coming shortly. Please check back soon for updates!

  11. Dave

    Great holster. Only problem is the the screws come undone pretty easily and it’s a pain in the ass to get them back on. I wish I had loops to be honest..

    • Tyler Johnson

      Thank you for the feedback, we are glad that you like the holster. The hardware comes with a patch of Loctite pre-applied but at times, the screws can still work their way out. We recommend periodically checking the hardware on any holster to ensure the hardware remains properly tightened. You can actually remove the COVERT IWB clip and replace it with loops if you prefer those for carry. Please contact customer service to assist you with purchasing a set of those loops.


    I have purchased 5 different IWB holsters for my Sig (9mm) I went with leather thinking that would be comfortable, definitely not comfortable the second I sat down in my truck i was in pain. The Crucial is by far the most comfortable holster I have ever worn.

  13. Gil Leonard

    Bought this today for my Glock 19 Gen 5. Was using a leather hybrid IWB holster and it was so uncomfortable. Put my lock in it after getting back to my vehicle and was impressed with the immediate comfort I got. I carry AIWB and this holster really helps. It will be in my holster rotation going forward. Might look at the other line they have also.

  14. Mike R

    Almost perfect! The holster I picked up at my LGS when I bought my hellcat. This was supposed to be a just for now holster, but wow was I surprised how comfy it is for appendix. If it had a high sweat guard and a claw it would be perfect. It still conceals well, but not as well as my other maker with a claw… that being said this is half the price so a great return on investment. This will be in the rotation for sure!!!!

  15. Jerry Wilke (verified owner)

    First the price is great lower that many, made in the USA, fit is great. May loosen the retention a little. I’ll update after some time it determine the wearability. Shipping was fast. Over all couldn’t be. More pleased. Let’s us know when the magazine holders come in.

  16. Sgainey109

    I already had a IWB Kydex holster for my 365XL and I liked it.
    But I ran across the Crucial Concealment Covert at my local gun store and immediately fell in love with it. Very comfortable, absolutely perfectly molded, It has a nice crisp snap in. And the fit & finish is superb.

  17. Don Stevenson

    Awesome holster

  18. MATTHEW JOHNSON (verified owner)

    Got lucky and found these guys on the first try for the Hellcat! Don’t waste your money on anything else. IWB or OWB. Now I will need to have a drawer cleaning and outfit the rest of my collection!

  19. Charles D Gossett

    Love the adjustable compression for the handgun. I also love the adjustable cant you can move to either side.

  20. Paul Meikle

    I’ve purchased an IWB and OWB for a P365 SAS and they are both perfect. No complaints at all. I have MANY holsters for various handguns and the quality and comfort of these are above the rest.

  21. Walt (verified owner)

    This is one awesome holster! Bought for concealed carry with my Springfield Hellcat and the gun fits perfectly, and is easy to draw. Clips are great for the belt too. My only complaint – and it’s a small one – the washers they ship with the holster disintegrate the second or third time you move the screws. I adjusted them a few times to get the positioning right on my belt, and they fell apart pretty quickly. I’m sure I can find replacements at the HW store though.

  22. Michael Ewan


  23. Michael


  24. K. Michael Spencer

    Great holster for my Sig 365xl very comfortable. My only issue with this holster is the clip doesn’t work with a thicker belt, if not for that my review would be five stars. Do you guys have a clip I can order to fit a thicker belt?

  25. David R Weitzel (verified owner)

    love the holster for the 365xl, would love one for my ppqm2

  26. Mario Santiago (verified owner)

    Best holster I’ve purchased! High quality and fits like a glove. Wade was very helpful with my purchase,thank you for a great product!

  27. John Cimellaro

    Yesterday, 20 Oct was the first time I saw Crucial Concealment holsters at my LGS in an unusually large display. As an old school guy, I’ve only used OWB leather all my life. I checked reviews on my phone and decided to try covert IWB for my 365XL. Gun fits securely in the holster with an audible click, but draw is smooth as the clip holds the holster securely to the belt. I was concerned that it would be uncomfortable driving, but didn’t feel anything while driving. Also, it has the cutout for an optic on the XL. I give this holster 5 stars for security, comfort and ease of draw. Will be returning to my LGS to get one for my G43X. Outstanding product!

  28. Rod G (verified owner)

    Great Holster for My Springfield HellCat OSP it secure my weapon close to my body great clip for belt. Great for everyday CCW.. Buyers this is a great holster you will not be disappointed. I also purchase the OWB Love it also.

  29. KJ

    I picked this up at the LOS when I bought my P365 a year and a half ago. I have other holsters but none are as comfortable as this. Now I need one for my P320.

  30. L. Robert Bale

    Superb holster for my G3c. However, I have one question, Gentlemen.
    Will the Covert IWB be able to accommodate a fiber optic front sight on the G3c? (I’m guessing there is about 5/16th of an inch clearance???).
    Thank you in advance for your advice.

  31. Philip Chandonnet

    Received my Covert IWB for my Taurus G2C and the quality is excellent, I have been wearing it for a few days now and my only disappointment is that there isn’t a ‘flap’ opposite the clip. I have a little bit of a spare tire and the rest sights digs right in to my skin.

  32. Jacob

    So I have a glock 43 and I just pocket carry it or have it in a little bag of mine and it’s my daily carry. I was at the range/gun store and was looking around at holsters, cause I just bought a new strap for my ar pistol I carry and thought why not get something for my glock, and this was what called out to me because I was looking for an IWB holster., it’s minimalist design is just sexy right off the bat, if you like simple but tactical design this is for you but that’s not where it shines the most, I’ve had it for 24 hours now barely taking it off even when I’m relaxing at home. I legit forget it’s even on me at times
    This will work on most waistbands, the last thing I had on when I had it equipped was a pair of basketball shorts
    I highly recommend this product

  33. Dave (verified owner)

    Love it for my 365xl, but need one for my PPQ m2

  34. James Trumbull

    Got one for my Hellcat RDP. By far the best holster I’ve used yet. My only complaint ( if you can call it that) is it would be nice to be able to adjust the ride height. If that was possible, it would be absolutely perfect!

  35. Anthony Martino

    By far the best IWB holster I have ever owned for comfort & durability.

  36. Dave Penn (verified owner)

    I have a IWB for my Sig 365XL and love it. The quality is outstanding. These guys know what they are doing!

  37. LP

    Got my Covert IWB for my Springfield Hellcat RDP. Perfect fit….and comfortable. Much better to carry than my previous double clip IWB hybrid. Could kick myself for not finding this sooner! Thank you Crucial Concealment for putting out such a great holster!!

  38. Christopher Staton

    Great holster

  39. Eddie Thomas

    I bought the Covert IWB for my S&W M&P 9mm Shield plus and I have to say that you cannot tell I’m carrying at all. It is very comfortable. I am really impressed

  40. Frank Pecoraro (verified owner)

    Best holster I have owned, comfortable and I have to say the trigger bump is the best, beats the crap out of other claws.

  41. Vic Paladini

    The Crucial Concealment Covert IWB holster is TOP quality, easily adjustable, and really grips my Glock 19 exactly like it should. What also is neat, that 99% of the holster manufacturers DO NOT think of, is marking the holster to indicate what gun it is designed for.

    I have dozens of handguns and dozens of holsters and it can get confusing what OWB or IWB holster fits what gun! CC marks their holsters that shows what gun the holster is designed for. Fantastic idea!

    Once adjusted to the operators liking, CC holsters grips the gun perfectly. I can even run, turn quickly, climb steps fast, run competition drills, and my Glock 19 is safe, secure, but ready anytime I may need it.

    A FIVE STAR +++ product.

    Time to buy another CC holster for me! Lol

  42. Julian

    I picked one of these IWB holsters up when I bought my Glock 19, without a doubt, this is the most comfortable holster and easiest to put on/remove that I have ever used out of multiple holsters for my Glock. Ive tried other due to wanting to run my Surefire X300 and it only leaves me to going back to it. Definitely recommend this holster!

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