Covert OWB

Covert OWB

The Covert OWB offers consumers a new option for carrying outside the waistband (OWB). This holster is designed with a streamlined feature set which provide users the essential options needed for OWB carry.


The durable .080 KYDEX® is molded on a curve aim to help the holster wrap around the waist and lie flat against the belt. The poly loops provide some flex which further aids in comfort and concealment while offering 2 sizes of belt loops to fit both 1.5” and 1.75” belts. These adjustable poly loops also allow the user to adjust the cant of the holster by changing the orientation of the loops on the holster. All COVERT series holsters feature optic compatibility and user adjustable retention.

COVERT OWB Loop Adjustment Video

Manufactured through our industry leading manufacturing process, this holster delivers exceeding value to the consumer. Please click the dropdown above for a current list of supported pistols.

Covert OWB
Covert OWB
Covert OWB
Covert OWB
Covert OWB
Covert OWB
Covert OWB
Covert OWB


Holster can be adjusted from zero cant to 15° forward.

1.5" & 1.75" BELT LOOPS

The Poly Flex loops have both 1.5 and 1.75” belt slots incorporated into the loop.


Curvature built into the holster allows it to comfortably wrap around the waist.


Holster tension can be easily adjusted with the tension screw.


Holsters are cut from the factory for compatibility with RDS (Red Dot Sights).


13 reviews for Covert OWB

  1. Leon brown

    Great holster, many adjustment options fits the handgun snug and rides close to the body. Purchased for my Glock 19

  2. Bill Hackaday


  3. michael L ott

    Works perfect

  4. Albert Agerton

    One of the more comfortable OWB holsters I have found. It I was very easy to adjust and pulls my pistol right into my body as good or better than many of my IWB holsters.

  5. Kevin M.

    Fantastic holster. I have been a law enforcement officer for over 25 years and I am very selective about my gear. This holster exceeded my expectations. The quality and fit are outstanding. I particularly like that this holster holds the gun close to your body but still offers a great purchase when drawing. The ability to change between belt loop sizes is also unique and appreciated. I feel confident recommending this holster to my friends and co-workers.

  6. Animal (verified owner)

    WOW!!! it fits right there where you need it!! Don’t even know its there, great for EDC with my Hellcat/w Swampfox red dot Sentinel, just like a glove!!! you guys rocked it!!!

  7. Dirk

    I picked up one of these at Impact Guns in Ogden and I LOVE it! Definitely the best OWB holster I have ever owned, and I have owned many. It is VERY concealable and keeps the gun snug against your body. Low profile. They manufactured the kydex in a fantastic way so that it keeps the gun snug and secure. Good quality kydex as well as it is not brittle, like low end kydex can be. Amazing adjustable retention. I like how you can adjust the strap so it can sit higher or lower based on your preference. I bought one fitted for the Glock 17, but my Glock 19 sits in the holster perfectly. So I can carry my Glock 19 or my Glock 17 in the same holster. I imagine the Glock 45 too. I love these holsters.

  8. Rod G (verified owner)

    Great Holster I have the IWB holster also but I seem to wear this OWB more I love the comfort and secure for my weapon close to my body open or concealed. Springfield HellCat OSP . Great Holsters Crucial Concealment . Thank you. Buyer give these Holsters a try I have tried others but these IWB/OWB are Just Hreat and they look Great.

  9. Dee Mack

    Perfectamundo. Great OWB holster for my Taurus G2c. Snug fit for the weapon. Great fit on my hip. Fantastic adjustable retention. Best holster I’ve owned.

  10. James L Traynor

    I have one of your OWB holsters for a G43x and I love it. Do you furnish one for the Mossberg Mc2c? I did not see it in the dropdown list.
    Thank you.

  11. Tim A

    Picked this OWB up for my Glock 48. Fits comfortably on my side and makes for a quick reliable draw. I like that I can adjust the cant for a more natural movement upon draw. Great product!

  12. H B

    Great fit for my Hellcat; easy to conceal with just a t-shirt. It rides nice and high but very easy to draw from a forward cant. Couldn’t ask for more in a concealed carry holster.

  13. DEE-BOL (verified owner)

    Hellcat pro! This is my 5th holster and i just can’t say enough good about them. Always a perfect fit and plenty of retention witch is very important considering i carry owb! I even go as far as adding moleskin to the back of the holsters for extra comfort not that they need it. Thanks guys n girls. Keep up the great quality and cheap prices. Stay blessed!

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